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Best Happy Easter messages 2018 | Inspirational Easter Messages for Cards: Easter is getting closer n closer guys and we are rushing here and there to make best preparations for this Easter with Happy Easter Quotes and to celebrate it with lots of joy and happiness and cute Happy Easter messages. But while doing and getting busy among these preparations, you are forgetting a thing which is that Easter is nothing without the love and togetherness of your family members, loved ones and friends with our heartwarming Easter messages. So while you are preparing for Easter eggs and decorations, in the meantime we have prepared the free collection of inspirational Happy Easter messages for all your near and dear ones so that you don’t worry about writing and making your own Easter text messages for them on Happy Easter 2018.

Take a look at this Religious Happy Easter messages collection which includes Easter messages for friends, Easter messages for family andEaster messages for girlfriend and boyfriend, Easter card messages, Easter wishes messages, Easter Sunday message, Easter text, What to write in an Easter card.

 Happy Easter messages 2018 |Inspirational Easter Messages

Jesus messages for Easter

Jesus messages for Easter

This Easter We only have to take a pledge to ourselves that we will follow Jesus Christ in any of the circumstances and trust him all the way and he’ll solve all our queries for life and problems to live it. Happy Easter!

We should be so damn thankful to Christ, our lord because he gave us another chance in this rapid moving world to be a good person and by his death and rise, our every sin is cleaned. Wish you a very warm Easter.

Let your brain forget all the problems and queries this Easter and let it flow in the holy magic waves of Easter and just prepare to be thankful when he rises this Sunday. That’s all!

Let’s join our hands in front of him as he is rising today and to pray to him to rise every day in our hearts and bring us new life and new hopes every day to make us more confident on ourselves. I’m wishing you a very Happy Easter Messages.

At last, Easter 2017 has arrived and I’m sending you this Easter wish because I want that our Lord Christ fills your soul with infinite happiness, joy and immortal blessings for your future.

Easter is a creative way of god letting people know that you don’t have to lose faith in me and don’t quit the lessons of Christ as the Christ has Risen and so you can. Have a hopeful Easter ahead.

The holy Cross of the Christ tells us the story and importance of sacrifice for truth and love and teaches us that we have come on this planet for a purpose and that purpose is to sacrifice for the people in need. May you have a rejoice Easter.
The Best lesson Easter teaches us is that the truth and the good always win over the lie and bad no matter how strong they are but our goodness will defeat them in every battle. So I wish on his Easter you also defeat your all the lies and all the evil inside you and get reborn on this Holy Day to make a sweet place for yourself in Jesus Christ’s heart. Have a Happy Easter this Sunday <3.


funny Easter messages

funny Easter messages

make great celebrations and tell the everybody that the love of your life Jesus Christ has risen from the dead today and he is going to dig out a place in your hearts forever. Wish you a pleasant Easter.

May the Resurrected lord turns out to be a bomb of abundant joy and happiness for your family. Have a great Easter 2018.

 this Easter, collect all of you sins, whether small or the big ones and keep all of em in front of the Christ and just wait and watch how your life change and when it does then thank God for all the blessings he has given to you this Easter. By the way Inspirational Easter Messages.

I wish your this Easter be filled with a tons of colorful Easter eggs which will bring a lot of colors in your life, Sweet small presents from the Easter bunnies which will bring you eternal happiness for life and a bunch of great blessings from Christ which will help you defeat all of your enemies and evil in your whole life and may you be blessed with an afterlife ahead. So I’m sending you all of these wishes together to make this day of yours unforgettable for centuries. Happy Easter!

I’m sending some super warm Easter wishes to you and your family through a super fast delivery service which may enforce Christ to come to your house and meet your family’s souls forever.

Blessed with a ton of happiness and a ton of love on this special holy day Easter to celebrate it with your family and friends to the full extent you ever wanted. may this day of your life fills with a lot of Easter stuff and removing this blessing from your lives become so damn tough. Have an inspired Easter 2018.

Everyone on this Earth takes birth with a purpose and Christ’s purpose to take his birth was none less than dying for us the people of this world and Rise again on this Easter to show this world the power of truth and justice can be underestimated. Happy Easter Sunday to you and your family <3.

Spread a lot of love, faith and help around yourself on this Easter and you’ll get a solid proof that Karma exists and it is bigger than everything ever known on this planet, even bigger than the god as the god is only a medium to sen the right Karma to the right person. Happy Resurrection Easter Messages my friend!

Easter goes but the blessings of the Christ never goes and death buries away but the rise is celebrated all over the world to become like him so that no one buries your existence after your death and you won’t just be another man in this world of billions.

It’s mandatory that after every night comes the day and after every hour of darkness comes the bright sunshine like after the death of the truth comes to the rise. Happy Easter Messages for Whatsapp

Romantic Easter love messages for Girlfriend | Boyfriend

easter greetings sayings

Romantic Happy Easter messages for Boyfriend

Romantic Happy Easter messages for Boyfriend

Last year on the same day of springs you entered in my life making no sound and it’s been a Year and Easter is again here but this time it is more colorful, happier and more joyous than ever.

 Today, on Easter I promise you to always be there for you and always stand in your ups and downs with you no matter how bad evil and lie wants to defeat us but what matters is that how bad we wanna defeat them together.

You know why this Easter of mine is making me feel very special, it’s not because of the Jesus alone… The real reason you with Christ in your hear !! WOW, I got a super combo for life <3

What we need during Easter is an angel who could protect me from everything and bless me every day with lot’s of love and happiness but I don’t need one coz I already have one. Wish you a very romantic Easter baby. Love Easter Messages for Girlfriend

Easter is known for the sacrifice of Lord Christ for the good fare of humanity and today by following the path of Jesus, I promise you that I could anytime sacrifice anything for you my love but what I want in return from you only is that you stay with me forever. I love you!

Easter card messages | What to write on an Easter card

easter greetings cards

inspirational Easter messages to write in a greeting card

inspirational Easter messages to write in a greeting card

It’s Easter tomorrow and you know what it means? It means that I’ll get all the abundant happiness by celebrating it with all my dear and near ones tomorrow. Thank you, Jesus, that’s what I was waiting for.

On this Easter, may your soul be filled with joy, love and new hopes for new life up to the brim and your tummy be filled with lots of chocolate Easter bunny’s heads, butts and dicks up to the throat! Happy Easter my friend


easter greetings sayings Messages

You know What’s the most fun way wish Happy Easter in short? It is ” Wish you an eggs-tra Happy Easter Sunday”

There’s an Easter riddle for you this Year. What came first, Easter eggs or the bunny? If you answer correctly then you get a real Easter bunny as a pet

Easter does not only represent the Christianity but it represents the whole humanity as it is not only the rise of the god of Christians but it is the defeat of the truth and good over evil. Think it over!

This Easter of yours is going o be special as I from my heart will wish for you that you get eggzactly the Easter you ever wanted from Jesus. So a Happy Easter to you and your family. Easter Card Messages


***Easter Messages*** for Friends & Family

love Easter messages for Friends

love Easter messages for Friends

Easter reflects the start of a new life so why not the Easter bunny should retire of his ordinary lie of laying colorful Easter eggs and start his new life for Christ’s sake

Ever wondered why the Easter eggs failed to do humor? Because they failed to give a good yolk. Hehehehe <3

Easter is no different from other festivals because it is a lot easier to gain more weight and more than easiest to empty your pockets. But we love Easter in spite all of these losses. Happy Easter my friend.

Hey friend, I wish you all the good luck for lighting up the candles earlier than everyone among those hundreds standing in line in the Church. Happy Easter Messages for Family.

On Easter, we get everything new! We get new life, new hopes, new love, happiness and in fact new clothes

I don’t care how your Easter is filled whether with joy, happiness, hope or candies. What I care about is that your Easter doesn’t remain empty this time. Have a great Easter Sunday 2018.

Easter Sunday message

Religious Easter 2017 messages

Religious Easter Images with messages

I hope you on this Easter, you take out time for praying to god to get blessed with hopes, confidence, and life as they are the things you’ll always need when you’ll be in some problem. Happy Easter.

It’s again the day when you hunt for the eggs that you did hide yesterday like a stupid. Easter is more than this I guess.

The only thing which upsets me on Easter is that after 24 hours, I have to wait a hell lot of 365 days to celebrate it again and to feel the rise of the Christ once again in my life.

May the Christ creates a replica of the day he was Resurrected so that we can be grateful and celebrate the rejoice it was celebrated then to make him remember the old memories. Happy Easter.

I Wish you get everything you ever wanted in your life in the return of your truths and goodness and everything also includes Easter eggs. Have a precious Easter.

Easter text

There’s a bro code recently added universally and it’s that bros don’t let bros celebrate Easter alone without them.

My love, you are just like Christ to me. Jesus lives for everybody and you live for me just like Christ fills us with hopes and love on Easter like you renew them every day. Have a pleasant Easter with me.

Easter is greater than Christmas as on Christmas, He was born and on Easter, he was resurrected and risen from death to fill our lives with abundant love. Inspirational Easter Messages 


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