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Interesting Easter facts | Easter 2018 Images, Easter egg ideas | Decorations & celebrations

Interesting Easter facts | Easter 2018 Images, Easter egg ideas | Decorations & celebrations: Hey folks, Easter is coming. It’s on the way to resurrect your dead soul to a new life filled with new hopes to live it to an extent. On this Easter, Jesus is on his way to bless your souls and forever live in your homes to make our life eternal. So greet Everyone with your sweet but inspirational Easter Facts for your friends & family. We have prepared a big but awesome collection of the Greatest Easter 2018 Facts to make our every loved one feel so special and happy that they give sweet blessings to you. So check out this Latest collection of Happy Easter 2018 messages and quotes to send them to your near and dear ones this Happy Easter Images, cool Easter Egg Ideas, Easter Decoration Ideas and Celebration Ideas.

 Fun Easter facts | What is Easter?

Easter is one of the most blessed and important day in the history of Christianity as the Lord Jesus Christ of the whole Christian race which the most dominant race on this planet earth was resurrected from the dead on this day and became the god of whole Christianity because of his followings and thoughts for truth and his habit to bless everyone, even the people who did really bad to him. The cause of his death was that he was crucified on a wooden cross in public by a king and he happily died and also left this planet giving blessings to the men who crucified him till death. The whole Christianity took him as a representation of them and before springs, his day came when the truth again rose from the dead and resurrected as the lord of us. Since then, everybody prays every day to him to forgive their sins and pray him to bless them with his powerful blessings.

Amazing Easter Facts 2018

  1. In Italy 2011, the biggest ever Easter egg was made which was 10 meters tall and was really heavy that all the people of Italy could fill their stomachs heavily.
  2. The U.S is the country which celebrates the day of Easter greater than any Christian country but there only 12 states of United States take good Friday as a holiday. It is strange though.
  3. The people of U.S celebrate Easter by painting Easter eggs but in reality, this custom of Easter of painting eggs was originated in Ukraine, it includes the use of color dyes and wax to color the eggs.
  4. You ever know why the eggs are exchanged on the holy day of Easter? Because the Easter eggs are considered as the symbol of resurrection and rebirth of new lives and to originate new hopes.


  1. You know that over 700 million marshmallows are manufactured every year especially for the occasion of Easter and though it becomes the most sold commodity after chocolaty Easter candies on Easter Sunday.
  2. Easter is more of a candy celebration than the resurrection of our father Jesus Christ from the grave of his death caused by his holy truths as Americans spend billion dollars on Easter candies and jelly beans on the day of Easter Sunday.
  3. People love Easter bunnies and when it comes to their Chocolate bunnies then people of U.S love to eat off their heads and ears first but the most favorite of them is their ass!
  4. All of the expense of the Easter in America is equal to the GDP of Vatican City which 17 billion.
  5. Florida is recorded as the largest state to organize an Easter egg hunt for millions of kids all over the Florida states including a billion Easter eggs.

Happy Easter 2018 wishes messages for friends | Family

inspirational Easter Sunday 2018 quotes for friends

inspirational Easter Sunday 2018 quotes for friends

Easter is the only day in a bunch of 365 days which gives us only chance to get out of the cocoon of lies & sins and get those wings full of truth to fly in the sky of happiness, love and joy.

Easter only comes to bend our heads in front of him no matter how many sins we have committed but what matters is that are we regretting those? Think about it. By the way Happy Easter Sunday 2018 to you and your family.

when is Passover

Easter is not about the exchange of Easter candies and chocolate bunnies but it’s the time when we exchange happiness, joy and prosperity and most of all the blessings of the Christ with our loved ones. Happy Easter 2018.

We should not always go to the church or join hands in front of Christ to ask for blessings or ask him to solve all of your problems but sometimes you have to pay for it and the thing he needs to steal all of your problems and give you immense happiness is not a bag full of million dollars but two hands full of thankfulness.

Easter regenerates new hopes in our hearts which are sufficient enough to kill all of the darkness coming in the following year before you hit next Easter and get much of them again..Wish you a great Easter Facts!

Orthodox Easter 2018

Lord Jesus has a torch which spreads the light rays of happiness and blessings all around the world but doesn’t forget to go outside join your hands in front of him as they act as an antenna to catch those rays of infinite and immense happiness and love full of new hopes and new life.

You know what? It is good to fill your Easter basket this year with many of the painted colorful Easter eggs, Easter chocolate bunnies and you forget that at my home.

Set your soul free for this Easter as the Jesus is coming himself to your homes to shower his love and prosperity into your homes forever. Have a Fun Easter Facts 2018, my friend!

when is good Friday 2018

May your tomorrow morning be your best till date and when you wake up, you’ll find your totally changed life as when the morning bells will ring tomorrow on 30th March Sunday then Jesus is standing beside your bed moving his hand towards your head and fills your brain with new hopes and soul with new life. Have a warm Easter Sunday 2018 tomorrow.

Have you ever wondered what is the proof that Jesus Christ is the giver of new life? Simple, haven’t you seen the spring trees yet ! then go outside and have a look on those tiny budding leaves. Happy Easter to you and your family.

Today, everything seems to be new. The first rays of the sun feel like never before, the first-morning breeze feels like the touch of the hand of Jesus and may your hold day feel like the day never before!

How is easter determined

It is believed by our ancestors that with the return of Easter, the feelings and waves which return with it are new beginnings of life and all the light, happiness and love which was faded long ago are returning this Easter! Celebrate it like never before… It’s his rise which means a lot more than your birthdays. Have risen Happy Easter Images.

 Easter is meant to be celebrated with your loved ones and your everything with lots of happiness and joy but let me tell you that my all the loved ones and everything is only you and you. So will you celebrated this Resurrection with me and pray to Jesus to never draw our souls apart from each other as they can only survive when they are together. Strange Easter Facts my asshole girlfriend!

When is Easter 2018

All the ones who pray at Easter are blessed in the same quantity but I believe that I’ll be blessed with extra more Blessings of love as I know that when you’ll pray to Jesus, you’ll not forget mentioning me. Have a super blessed Easter to my lil cute baby <3

There is one more reason why we love Easter this much besides the reason of the Rise of the Christ our savior and the coming of the springs and that is a great excuse to spend our most quality time with all our loved ones with a pleasant smile on our faces. may on this Easter your face also is enriched with this kinda smile forever till I pray the same on Next alive Easter Sunday 2018.

I have the most successful tactic to have the most successful Easter in your life where you weren’t able to find all the Easter eggs yet on any Easter of your life. And that advice is that keep your both eyes open enough to see any colorful round thing near you! I guess you got it right. Happy Easter!

People say you should take things as easy you could take them so I got my most Happy Easter ever in my life just to spend it with you and your sweet Easter candy like lips.

Easter is really one of the most celebrated holy festival of the world and the friends like you make this celebration more and more exciting and full of pleasure! So thank you to become a great part of my life’s puzzle and thank you for celebrating this Easter with me my best friend.

Baby, I wish your Easter 2017 be the tastiest Easter you have ever experienced and even tastier than my dick!

You know why I love Easter the most as a holiday because it’s the only holiday which comes today. LoL!

We all pray to the Christ to forgive us for all our sins and forgive us for all of them whom we have hurt but We all commit same sin on this day and that is filling our mouths with tons of Easter candies and chocolates which hurts our tummies and they feel really bad.

Easter is bigger than Christmas and every other Festival of Christianity. It is the father of all the festivals and all other festivals didn’t exist at all if Jesus didn’t resurrect on Easter to show the correct way to humanity. Cool Easter Facts my friend.

On Easter, you get one more best friend forever added at the top of your list and that is Jesus Christ. The feeling of happiness and joy does not end after the end of Easter because it’s the start of a new friendship, the smell of successful life and new hopes with budding leaves of springs. So I wish you a head start on your life ahead… Happy joyful Easter to you and your family.

I really didn’t know the date of Easter till I saw in the morning new blooming flowers, budding small leaves and birds chirping in the sound of Easter choir. So, I guess today is the Easter and I wish a warm Easter today.

The god is not like us like we forget the promise made by us to someone special but he doesn’t betray his children, he rather renews his promise every spring and makes us feel more and more trust on him as he does what he listens!


Retro Happy Easter 2018 wishes

Retro Happy Easter 2018 wishes


You know what is the blessing One can give to another? It is the blessing which says ” May you have 100 Easters ahead in your life” I wish Jesus Christ would bless you with the same this bright Happy Easter 2018.

 You know how great Easter is? It brings with it a bag with a magical infinite limit of rejoicing, happiness and the love everyone seeks for entire life is spread to the whole Earth totally free So now you could re-calculate the power of truth and it’s holder the Christ!

My Every Easter has been happier and greater than the last but today in spite of having my house filled with Easter candies, bunnies, eggs and my all the loved one- my friends & family, something is still missing in the Easter puzzle and that is you. I wish you were here today so you could see how much I love you and we could show Christ that nothing can make me apart from you.

I wish the angels from the sky together bless you on this Easter, I wish the sadness and darkness forget you forever and I wish my love increases every day for you until we both get someone better ! hahaha – was a joke! I love you and wish you a Funny Facts about Easter.

The rise of the Christ is the biggest inspiration for me that tells me you have to start everything again in your life but now you have to begin it with new hopes and prosperity and you will definitely become successful no matter what happens to prevent that success from coming to you.

Christians are blessed with the power of almighty as this religion begins where all others die with the resurrection demonstrated by the Christ to whole humanity.

I’m a good listener and a good adviser and today on this auspicious day of Easter, I am here to listen to your problems and bless you with the ultimate solutions for them – I am Christ.

God has sent mothers to us as they can’t be everywhere every time to take care of us. Like this God has sent friends to always keep you happy in your bad and good times! Friends are blessings of God and you shall never lose one. Have a very Happy Easter.

When the Easter bunnies along with you hop around the neighborhood then what we call that Easter?

Ans. Hoppity Easter!

We have some traits just like Jesus Christ. We never forgot him when he died for us and till date we praise him for what he did for the Humanity just like when thousands of people die every day, He never forgets anyone and put them in little graves made on the palm of his hands so he can see every day his praises whenever he looks upon his hands. Have a fun Easter 2018.

Happy Easter 2018 Wallpapers for Desktop background & mobile phones | Easter 2018 backgrounds

It’s Easter 2018 and today all the friends and enemies come together and pray to God to forget all their sins and demand for a new life full of new hopes and new desires to extract something extraordinary from this life without hurting anyone’s heart and soul. So let us celebrate this auspicious time with everything special we can. Today, we have to paint everything in the holy colors of Easter and this means from our homes to our mobile phones & laptop | Desktop backgrounds. So here are the fresh collection of latest cute Happy Easter 2018 Wallpapers for desktop & mobile phone backgrounds.

inspirational Easter Sunday 2018 cute background

inspirational Easter Sunday 2018 cute background


Jesus Christ Easter 2018 HD wallpapers

Jesus Christ Easter 2018 HD wallpapers


powerful Easter Sunday 2018 wallpapers HD

powerful Easter Sunday 2018 wallpapers HD


Resurrection Easter Facts wallpaper backgrounds

Resurrection Easter Facts wallpaper backgrounds


Easter resurrection wallpapers HD

Easter resurrection wallpapers HD


Easter 2018 egg ideas for kids | Easter eggs decoration ideas

Today we are all in the happiest mood of ourselves as today is Easter Sunday and we along with our kids are very grateful to have such a lord like Christ and though we have prepared ourselves to celebrate his resurrection even greater than his birthday. But we forget small things among these big celebrations like Easter egg ideas for our kids and some unique egg ideas to stand out of the ordinary neighborhood Easter egg hunts and give our kids the happiness and smile on their faces we ever wanted. So here we have prepared some of the most amazing and cool Easter egg ideas to make this Easter 2018 of yours the best your kids had yet.

Authentic Black & White Easter eggs ideas

Classic Easter egg ideas

Classic Easter egg ideas

These are the most beautiful and most easy type of Easter egg decoration ideas in the list. What you need is just black paint, stencils for different designs and white paintWhat you need are just eggs. Paint those eggs with whole black color and when it dries out then take stencils and put them on eggs and then paint over the white color. Then remove the stencils and you will find beautiful classic styled Easter eggs.

Descent painted eggs {SUPER SIMPLE}

Easy Easter egg ideas for kids

Easy Easter egg ideas for kids

These are the most decent looking, retro-styled and hence the cutest Easter egg idea and it is super easy and simple to do. You just need a paint over whole egg and then put some brush strokes of two different colors on your Easter egg. then leave it till they dry. Don’t forget to only use acrylic paint on them.

Glittered Easter eggs

beautiful Easter egg ideas

beautiful Easter egg ideas

The next Easter egg ideas are very attractive looking and look like they have been straight brought through fairy tales to your house and they have glittered so they shine like diamonds where ever they are kept in your homes. You just need sparkle glitter dust and your eggs. cover your eggs with sticky gum and then sparkle the sparkle glitter on them. Keep them to dry hard then cover another egg like this only.

Edible sprinkled Easter eggs

Cute Easter egg ideas

Cute Easter egg ideas

These are one of the easiest, cute looking, colorful and even edible Easter egg ideas for your kids this Easter Sunday. What you need are some edible sprinkles of your choice and your eggs. Just coat your eggs with edible glue and sprinkle them with your tasty candy sprinkles which you can find at any candy shop. These are the egg ideas which will catch everyone’s eyes during Easter egg hunt this Easter Sunday 2018.

Glow in the dark Easter egg ideas

unique Easter egg ideas for kids

unique Easter egg ideas for kids

These are the most interesting Easter egg ideas because of their glow in the dark ability which show superb beautiful colorful scenes in them. They are easy enough to make them in a bunch of minutes and worth enough to get everybody’s praises this Easter 2018. What you need are glow in the dark or flouroscent paint and just put it in a bowl and then put some very warm water in the bowl and stir till it get dissolved. Then add 1/4 cup of vinegar to it. Then dip your eggs in this mixture and keep them for sometime in it. Then take them out let them dry. It’s done. Now your kid’s are gonna love them.

Easter Sunday 2018 decorations & celebrations

It’s Easter 2017 and I know you would have already decorated your home with most beautiful Easter elements on this planet to give a look and feel of Easter like never before. But if you still are not satisfied this much then you would like our list of most amazing Easter decorations ideas and celebration ideas to plug 4 more stars into your Easter celebrations and Easter 2017 decorations. So tighten your seat belts have a look on some of the fascinating Easter Facts. budget Easter 2017 decorations ideas and celebration ideas for your kids and you.

creative Easter 2017 decorations creative

creative Easter 2018 decorations creative



special Easter Sunday 2017 decorations

special Easter Sunday 2018 decorations


beautiful Easter Facts

beautiful Easter Facts



Important Easter Facts about Jesus

Important Easter Facts about Jesus


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