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Top #150+ Happy Easter Wishes 2018 | Easter Sunday wishes

Happy Easter 2018, Happy Easter Wishes
(Last Updated On: February 2, 2018)

Top #150+ Happy Easter Wishes 2018 | Easter Sunday wishes: Hey guys, It’s Easter 2018 today and you would be in a hurry of searching some of the best and latest Easter Wishes for your friends and family and loved ones. On this day people spend all their time celebrating this important date which is 1st April 2018 with lots of love for Jesus and this Happy Easter day 2018. Celebrate this important day with our great, lovely & special Happy Easter Images for this Easter SundaySo check out this latest collection of handpicked Happy Easter Wishes 2018 & Top Wishes for Easter Sunday for friends & family for the happiest Easter (16th April) ever.

Happy Easter Meaning

Easter is also called Pascha in Greek or Latin. It’s another name is Resurrection Day which is a Christian’s festival and also a National holiday. On this day, the people celebrate the rise of Resurrection of the Christ (our Father) with lots of love, peace, joy and happiness. People pray to him for their deeds and problems. Easter bunnies are the most important element of the whole festivals. People make Easter eggs and eat chocolate candies to celebrate it with their families and loved ones on this day.People also greet each other with sweets and Happy Easter wishes through social networks like Facebook & Whatsapp.

Happy Easter date | Happy Easter 2018 Date

Happy Easter 2017 is on 16th April and Easter always lie on a Sunday. The previous week of the Easter is called the Holy Week and the next day of Easter is called the Easter Monday

 Top #150+ Happy Easter Wishes 2018

cute Easter wishes for WhatsApp
cute Easter wishes for WhatsApp

 Inspirational Easter messages

I am just Joining you into the gratitude for Jesus’s sacrifice and the lovely beginning which is brought to Christ’s all children this Easter.

romantic Easter wishes 2017 for friends
romantic Easter wishes 2018 for friends

Here’s a lovely Easter Poem only For You which says that Spring has already been sprung, the little green grass has already been rose, but I wish that I were in a chocolate biz <3 Happy Easter.

beautiful Easter basket ideas 2017
beautiful Easter basket ideas

If it wasn’t for the beautiful Spring weather, I’d be really upset with that damn bunny for eating all my flower bulbs. Happy Easter anyway.

black and white Easter day 2017 poster
black and white Easter day poster

A very Happy Easter to you, your family and your circles as today we are celebrating our God’s biggest sacrifice for his Son, our God i.e Jesus Christ. Have a blessed and lovely Easter 2018 16th April with your family.

Happy Easter bunny greetings
Happy Easter bunny greetings

I am in pure love with the Easter. As It’s a day or a time to eat all those chocolate bars you would be finding joyfully everywhere! So I wish that you have a chocolaty & the most tasteful Easter ever <3

colorful Easter Sunday images HD
colorful Easter Sunday images HD

Shining sun, Lavenders, Pinks and pastels are everywhere around us. It so much resembles as we are standing in the Golf course in south of the Florida. Happy Easter.

Cute Easter bunny wishes 2017
Cute Easter bunny wishes 2018

We could bare some spring rain in order to enjoy that joyful sunshine that comes after it. It is so much resembling the heartburn which we have to bare in order to enjoy the sweetest Easter candies and chocolates <3

Romantic Easter wishes
Romantic Easter wishes

The only one thing we have to do to solve our all problems or to gain the courage to face them and stand over them is to follow our father Christ. Have a blessed Easter

Easter Sunday 2017 quote images
Easter Sunday 2018 quote images

I have come to greet you for this Easter shall be full of heart warming love and peace like a jungle for you. Wish you a very Happy Easter 2018

happy Easter wallpaper HD

Wish you an Easter with a heart full of faith, love, joy and peace as the Jesus has risen again this 16th April

american Easter greetings for family
american Easter greetings for family

May this Easter comes as the new synthesis of eternal love, joy and faith for you.Happy Easter Sunday

animated Happy Easter day quotes
animated Happy Easter day quotes

The Easter i.e 1th April denotes the new beginnings of lives so I pray that you and your family gets the beginnings lives full of love and happiness.

cute Happy Easter day wishes
cute Happy Easter day wishes

          I wish this Easter Sunday turns out to be a day to spend your precious time with your favorite                                    people in this beautiful world with lots of happiness, joy and unlimited love <3

Happy resurrection image wishes for friends
Happy resurrection image wishes for friends

Every year, this special day – Easter turns out to be the day filled with lots of enjoyment & so many                      little chocolate Easter eggs. So enjoy this special day with your family and loved friends

Happy Easter sunday images for phones
Happy Easter sunday images for phones

Easter brings the most beautiful feelings together in this world. The love and fresh spring aroma, the eternal blessings of Christ and lots of happiness so enjoy this day with your family like its the last <3


Beautiful Easter wishes images for iphone
Beautiful Easter wishes images for iphone

Easter take lots of spiritual blessings to the earth from our god, lots of love for Christ and enjoyment with our loved ones. So enjoy this beautiful day with your family and friends

unique  Happy Easter wishes with images
unique  Happy Easter wishes with images

Easter which is the rise of the Christ is celebrated everywhere in everything on this planet like bloomed flowers, soft tiny grass and in the face of little child. Happy Easter 2018

Happy resurrection wishes and greetings
Happy resurrection wishes and greetings

May this Easter brings out the purity from your soul and the rare feelings and things like new begginings of hopes, joy, happiness and love which are carved by Christ

old school Happy Easter greetings
old school Happy Easter greetings

Easter picks up the new hopes with it when it departs for earth to sprinkle it on everyone.May you have Easter filled with new hopes and lots of love

Easter is a symbol of hope as it enrich us with new hope for tomorrows to spend winters and wait for springs to come where heart rejoices and sings with love and happiness. Happy Easter my friend

retro Happy Easter whatsapp dp
retro Happy Easter whatsapp dp

A mere Christ love said ” fogive them for their sins dad as they do not even know what they mean or do”. Christ died himself to teach us the power of truth and justice.So lets celebrate all the holy stuff with joy and love this Easter

Funny Easter wishes 2017
Funny Easter wishes 2018

Easter is a mere excuse which gives us another day to be thankful to god and to celebrate the arrival of Chris with lots of love and happiness.

Happy Easter Sunday background images wihes
Happy Easter Sunday background images wihes

Easter is the most beautiful day to show the thankfulness of the billion things the Christ has done for us

retro Easter HD Wallpapers
Retro Easter HD Wallpapers

Easter is one of the most beautiful time to rejoice the blessings given to us by god by celebrating it with peace, faith, love and so much happiness

colorful Happy Easter quotes wishes
colorful Happy Easter quotes wishes

Easter is a time of the reflection of past when we learn to come out of eggs and learn to fly in this infinite sky through the wings of love, faith, joy and peace.

Animated Easter wishes for bunnies
Animated Easter wishes for bunnies

Happy Easter sayings

Easter Sunday is a way of making communication with god who tells us that faith, love and prosperity still exists in this world

latest Happy Easter greetings images
latest Happy Easter greetings images

Easter is a quite big way of saying to god that forgive for our sins and thank him for all the blessings given to us. wish you a happy Easter 2018

resurrection Easter wishes 2017 for husband
resurrection Easter wishes 2018 for husband

16th April is the day to distribute the tons of joy and happiness given by Christ to us and to spread it to every loved one we meet on this day

HD Easter Sunday wishes images
HD Easter Sunday wishes images

Easter recalls our brains the blessings and every good thing done by the Christ for us and reminds us to thank him for his every work for us. Happy Easter friend

Holy Happy Easter wishes 2017
Holy Happy Easter wishes 2017

 Easter gives us the power to wait for our wishes and prayers to be listened by the God as however the dark my be road is but there is always a day of bright sunshine beyond the road

animated sarcastic Easter wishes for facebook timeline
animated sarcastic Easter wishes for facebook timeline

Today on this holy day, I am wishing you the re birth of all the blessings, happiness and joy given by the Christ to us. Happy Easter 2018

Christ resurrection quotes for family
Christ resurrection quotes for family

At last, the day has come. Its Easter today… The Christ risen today may fill your life with tons of happiness, joy and love again as did last year. Happy Easter 2018

Retro Easter quotes for friends
Retro Easter quotes for friends

May on this Easter, The God blesses all the ones who believe in him and may put a torch of infinite light in their lives to scare away dark forever. Happy Easter Sunday

Thoughtful Easter wishes greetings for girlfriend
Thoughtful Easter wishes greetings for girlfriend

I wish your Easter 2017 will be filled with lots of chocolate candies, bars, jellies, gummy bears and tons of sweets uptil the brim

romantic Easter wishes for wife
romantic Easter wishes for wife

He, The Christ died to rise eternally in the sky and universe so that he could help everyone who prays to him

cute Happy Easter greetings
Cute Happy Easter greetings

May this Easter fills your sweet home and your soul with eternal happiness

romantic Easter wishes 2017 for girlfriend
classic Easter wishes 2018 for girlfriend

 I knowingly popped into your IB to tell you that you are not alone to eat all the Easter candies alone & also wishing you the happiest Easter ever

colorful Happy Easter wishes 2017
colorful Happy Easter wishes 2018

It was never related to the Easter eggs or the suits we wear in was always about the faith we had in Christ

Retro Easter wishes for instagram
Retro Easter wishes for instagram

Mr. Christ who was once born in a poor family hut is again born in the hearts of the poor as well as the richest. Happy Easter Sunday 2018

Happy Easter Whatsapp DP
Happy Easter Whatsapp DP

After a ruthless departure of Christ, He has risen again in a trillion hearts and taken birth again to never die.

heartwarming Easter wishes 2017
heartwarming Easter wishes 2018

Like a day with sunshine after a deep dark night, the hope and faith has risen again as the Christ has arrived to serve us

brainy Easter wishes for family
brainy Easter wishes for family

We should prepare us for a massive arrival of Christ this Easter with So much love, happiness and peace. So, Happy Easter to my loveliest friend

rersurrection inspirational Easter 2017 quotes
rersurrection inspirational Easter 2018 quotes

We have come to this day, The Easter to pray to the Christ to rise again over evil and to spread joy and happiness all around

Easter bunny wishes 2017
Easter bunny wishes 2018

I Wish you that this Easter brings you the Cutest Easter bunnies with the most enjoyable presents to make this Easter of yours the happiest yet

Happy Easter 2017 egg quotes
Happy Easter 2018 egg quotes

May, this special day Easter comes in your life a thousand times to get a chance to find Christ a thousand times in your life to get blessed and to get the blessing to meet heaven on earth.

inspirational Easter wishes 2017
inspirational Easter wishes 2018

You are blessed to have the Christ in your heart so i wish the Jesus gives you the blessings you were praying for. May you have the most auspicious Easter this 1th April 2018

Easter sunday quotes images
Easter sunday quotes images

May the Jesus brings out the best blessings from his bag for you and your lovely family on this Easter

I wish that our lord turns out to be the best well wisher for you and your sweet home. Happy lovely Easter my friend

Happy Easter 2017 wishes images
Happy Easter 2018 wishes images

May the Angels of life eternally secure your soul, May the sadness leaves you and go far away forever, May the goodness and happiness covers you entirely and May our father Christ bless you every year as he Rise. Happy Easter Sunday

May our Father’s  supreme face rise above evil and his risen face on Easter gives you the blessings you were ever praying for. heartful Happy Easter wishes 2018

Easter greetings sayings

May the return of our father fills you with the feelings of eternal carefree and peace. I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter on this beautiful day

I wish our risen lord gives us so much blessings that you wouldn’t be asking for the next year. May your loved ones and you get blessed on this Easter with my sweet Easter wishes for you

May the lord and chocolate candies bring out eternal happiness to you and your family this Easter

May the faith and hope Easter brings in our lives stay forever and we never loose our hope on the god above who died for us to live again in our hearts. lively Happy Easter wishes from me, your well wisher

I wish that this rise of Christ brings out the new beginnings of hope and give power to pursue new goals. Happy Easter to you and your all the near ones my best friend. I love you more than Christ infact

May all your loved ones will be blessed by our father on this special day of rise above evil. I wish that your lives be changed by some magical wands into the lives filled with more positive hopes, peace, love, joy and happiness. Have a magical though blessed Easter wishes to you and your loved ones

I wish that you be under the magical shower of pure love, trust and happiness of our father Christ this Easter this year and have a pure life throughout. Wish you a Christ blessed Easter 2018

May all your wishes come true this Easter and you get power by The Risen Christ to face challenges in your way with my short Easter wishes this April 2018

I wish you go through the heavy rain of hope, love and joy on this Easter. Happy Easter my best friend with best heart

May the Easter bunnies and lord work together for you on this Easter to make it the most beautiful day of your life. May the Bunnies get you tons of candies and sweetness and the Christ gets you the peace and new hopes. Wish you a great Easter this year

On this holy day, the Christ promised us to stand for us every time the bad happens and fills tons of love and peace in our hearts. Happy Easter Sunday 2018

We are blessed that God didn’t miss out anyone to give this beautiful gift to everyone and that is we are humans, We are his children..wanna greet you with very warm Happy Easter wishes this for the upcoming springs 2018

Our father who lives in the endless sky always asks us to make a wish and it will be listened. So the time has arrived, its Easter when he comes to our land and make all our wishes and prayers come true. May this Easter be most peaceful and loved ever for all your loved ones and hated one too as the Christ has no space for haters this year according to his new law filed just now. Happy Easter

We thank you Christ, you are living among us the mare beings, We thank you Christ for listening to all our billion prayers and to rise again to bless us with love, hope, peace and beautiful Easter Wishes this resurrection of his

Jesus Christ has stood on his Promise again this year as he has risen again from the dead to fulfill all our deeds and wishes. So keep calm and trust on Christ

Celebrate this special day with lots of sweet chocolates and spread the happiness with all your loved ones as the father has risen again to wash away all our problems. Happy Easter to you and your family with my special and majestic meaningful Easter wishes for them

Don’t shout on him of your problems.Just trust him and pray in silence and trust me he’ll listen a lot more of you.Happy Easter 2018 m great friend.

Happy Easter Sunday Wishes

Easter message bible

A Jesus cross denotes the sacrifice he did for us to teach us the meaning of hope, truth, love and peace. So we promise this Easter to make his sacrifices eternal for our loved ones to rise above the bad. Wish you a loving Easter  Sunday this Year

When the Easter is passed, the feeling of it does not passes away with it but it leaves the eternal feeling of peace, love, happiness and new aroma of spring with it.

The resurrection is another part of Christ to tell us to never stop doing good even when the situation challenges us against it. Happy Easter Sunday 2018

The Christ has risen again in our lives so let us pray and hope that he does not leave us and stays in our hearts through the feeling of love and sacrifice. Have a blessed and eternal Happy Easter 2018

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Happy Easter Wishes Images 2018

Final words : These were the latest Easter Wishes collection from our site to make your Easter 2018 more special and memorable. Please Share our Happy Easter Wishes with your friends and family on Whatsapp & Facebook. Don’t forget to put one of these Happy Easter Sunday wishes on your Whatsapp status.

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